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its history… we would have been able to celebrate the birth of the French Republic cheering with a glass of Chateau Ladue: the first vinification and merchandising achieved on the Cuers field date, in effect, of ... 1792 ! This in fact very certainly one of the cellars the oldest of Provence.
This pioneering spirit will reveal again nearly two centuries later. In 1964, Landue adopted the cultural mode defined five years earlier by Raoul Lemaire and Jean Boucher: organic agriculture. Not in the chemistry! For fifty years, the vineyard is fine with natural fertilizers, treaty against diseases to the suffers and copper, and unweeded area mechanically. A natural approach recognized in 1992 by the label Ecocert, created a year earlier.
This dynamic organic has seduced Gisele and Herve Limon, owners of the Castle The Jeannette, located in the Borrels’valley, 15 kilometers away. In 2007, the family has acquired the property at door. A year later, eager to draw the quintessence of this vineyard an exceptionally pure and its old vines which, for some, flirtations with the centenary, he decided to transfer the wine making to the Jeannette in order to take advantage of its modern cellar, perfectly equipped for the production of quality wines. A choice which the faithful of Landue rejoice more to each vintage the wines home does ceasing to gain in quality.


Its terroir… on the cities of Cuers and Solliès-pont , the vineyard of the Château de Landue is located in the region the warmest of the Var. High of 700 meters, the bar of Cuers, its neighbor, prohibited in effect the maritime entrances, these fresh winds which blow at the end of the day and in the early morning. The summer, when the plant cycle is accelerated, temperatures are rising. In lack of water, the vines are blocking then the development of vine shoots to emphasize that of clusters, the roots drilling depth in a soil made of stone and clay for their report the moisture and nutrients they need. The harsh conditions for the plant, but perfect for the vigneron who, at the time of the vinification, can work the fruits mature and concentrated to produce complex wines, fruity, sharp, and minerals.

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